Fifa 14 Hack v1.3.0 Update

fifa 14 hack v1.3.0

Another update for your Fifa 14 Hack v1.3.0.  You see, there has been some massive complaints about the game crashing all the time. Good thing Electronic Arts quickly made some corrections and thus this update.

So basically, the update is more or less fixing major and minor bugs.  Although I still personally get some crashes in the game.  But overall, it has greatly improved.  So if you really really love football then you have to update your current install to version 1.3.0 so you will have less problems in the long run.

And as such, we also had to update the tool because if you use the old mod to the new install, it will definitely crash your game.

Just the same you still get the 3 hack and cheat features in the previous mod.  You will still enjoy the all modes unlocked on the new Fifa 14 hack, unlocking the ultimate team and of course having unlimited fifa points.

Key features of the Cheat tool for Fifa 14

  • All modes unlocked
  • ultimate team unlocked
  • unlimited fifa points

The update was quick and you really don’t see any new visual changes in the game except that you can expect the game to run smoother and less or maybe no more crashes.  Lets hope so that the new update wont have anymore bugs.  Because I for one was expecting an update with something new to see.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy your cheat tool and see you on the leaderboard!  And yeah, you still get a free virus scan through virustotal which you will see on the download page.  This is just a small file since you will only be overwriting certain files from the previous install.

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Fifa 14 hack v1.3.0
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