GameBoy Advance Emulator for iPhone and iOS

gba emulator iphone

Playing old time favorite games still gives us that old feeling of unexplained content.  But finding a working GBA Emulator for iphone can be a pain in the butt.  I for one missed playing my old games like my favorite final fantasy 1.  yeah yeah yeah, I feel old already… :( but this games just bring back old fun and happy memories.  And that is why I took no time in finding a working emulator for gameboy advance.  Ever wonder why present games running on simply 2D graphics still make so much hit on both the young people and the not so young? :p  It’s because of the great influence from previous gaming interface like the 3ds and gameboy platforms.  This used to be the hand held gaming partner in the old days.  Since the fast development of technolgy, so many new devices have come up yet we still want to play this old game on our new device.  And that’s why this emu comes very handy.  Also its kinda weird if an old guys keeps carrying an old GBA right.

Anyhow, we are most excited about this emus and having them in our phones is a life saver.  We will also be adding some new roms from old time favorite games so you can enjoy and download it directly from our site.

Why you need our GBA iOS Emulator

The cool thing about this emulator is that you don’t need to jailbreak your precious iOS device or iphone. No jailbreak is absolutely needed to get it running so you can start playing your GBA games.  There are a few tweaks and tricks that you have to do after you have downloaded the emulator.  But don’t worry, we will provide you with the full detail on how to install your Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS or iPhone with NO Jailbreak.

Again, it has always been our protocol here to always give a virus scan so you don’t have to worry about your device getting virus or any spyware or malwares.  Aside from our own scan that you will see in the download page, you will also be provided with an independent scan from VirusTotal.

Features of this Emulator

  • compatible to iOS 7
  • play most GBA nintendo games
  • No Jailbreak / without Jailbreak

So we hope you enjoy using this emulator to simulate gameboy advance games and bring back old memories of nintendo arcade fun. Later!

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