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  • Secret Passages Cheats and Hack – Update v 1.20

    Secret Passages Cheats and Hack v1.20 Don’t you just love solving mysteries? Using clues and connecting the breadcrumbs that will eventually lead you to something more exciting… Well, that is probably why you love Secret Passages: Hidden Objects. The game continues to develop even better after the release of the new iPhone adn the new […]

  • Secret Passages Game Cheats v1.21 Update

    There is really nothing too much to talk about the recent update for Secret Passages v1.21 except for the major bug fixes particularly on the tapping problem.  So far it has now been fixed but you really have to update you hack tool otherwise your will have a problem and some crashes to your game. […]

  • Secret Passages Hidden Objects hack – Unlimited Rubies, Coins, Shovels and Energy

    Get your Secret Passages Hidden Objects hack for free and get unlimited Rubies,  Coints,  Shovels and  Energy. Solve mysteries great and explore ancient worlds! Join Maddie, a brave adventurer and travel through mysterious secret passageways that connect the greatest civilizations in history. Search scenes for objects that are hidden, clues and discover the mysteries of the world’s […]

  • How Would You Like a $50 iPhone 5C?

    Remember a few weeks ago when iPhone 5C was prices at a low $99?  Well guess what.  This time it is even crazier Best Buy just leaked that on thursday Apple iPhone 5c will be just $50, including RadioShack and Walmart. As of today at Walmart, it also sells a low $79 and is rumored […]