Secret Passages Hidden Objects hack – Unlimited Rubies, Coins, Shovels and Energy

Get your Secret Passages Hidden Objects hack for free and get unlimited Rubies,  Coints,  Shovels and  Energy.

Secret Passages Hidden Objects hack

Solve mysteries great and explore ancient worlds! Join Maddie, a brave adventurer and travel through mysterious secret passageways that connect the greatest civilizations in history.

Search scenes for objects that are hidden, clues and discover the mysteries of the world’s largest hunting

Game features: scenes of beautiful objects hidden in exotic locations: the great pyramid, Russian palaces, castles English and more!Build spectacular cities and bring the magic map to life!

Search every amazing scene with tools such as flashlights, magnifiers and photos. Unlock secret passageways to find old keys.

If you love the idea for locating and finding treasures or items within a given period of time, challenging your eye balls to hunting those items listed in the target menu, then this is definitely the application for you.  I am not so much of a fan to games like this because my eyes would quickly weaken and probably strain it but that does not stop us from sharing your some valuable tools that you can use to further exploit and enjoy this fun game.

Collect rare artifacts! Each provides a clue to solve the mysteries of the magic map.Play for free!

Please note that this application is free to play, but you are able to purchase items with real money.  For that reason, we created this cheats tool so you can get valuables for free and without wasting your precious earned cash.

Here are some key features of the Mod

  • Generate Unlimited Rubies
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Shovels
  • Unlimited Energy
  • iOS mobile operating system
  • Recent Version: 1.16 – fixed loading errors
  • Application: iPhone 5
  • No jailbreak requirement
  • Supports iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

UPDATE: Version 1.17 is now Available for iOS 6 and iOS 5

  • New Quest Menu: complete new goals to get awesome rewards!
  • Bug Fixed
  • Bonus everyday

With this cheats or mod, whatever you kids call it this days, you will have ultimate access to just really exploiting the api.  With options like infinity shovels and energy, you can virtually discover all the treasures and objects that are hard to find using our naked eye. And the good thing about this tool is that you need not worry about damaging your phone or device because it does not require that you jailbreak your unit.  Now that is just refreshing, right?  So the next time you worry of not completing this iOS game or just running out of time before you find the last item, use this latest mod and you should be all right.

Download the TOOL Now

check the new update for version 1.2.0

Be sure to read the “guide.txt” I included inside the folder for the installation instructions