Tap Paradise Cove: The Answer to Infinite supply of money, coins, rubies and pearl Hack Guide

tap paradise cove hack

UPDATE:  Version 5.7.1 Now Ready for Download!

The new update just improved the game and now it loads faster and quicker.  Of course with that, our old tool will no longer be compatible. So here is the updated tool!  Just a reminder, jailbreak and non-jailbreak are in the same folder. I just zipped them in one so you can have whichever you are using.


SHA256: e90838311fcaeca75eed08ccf65fc5c18250e408120f6c4d4459889e861c4c35
Detection ratio: 0 / 50
Analysis date: 2014-03-25 16:19:23 UTC

UPDATE:  Version 5.6 has been released!

The new version has fixed some previous bugs and errors.  As such, we have also update our tool to run in harmony with the new update.  Please update your files so you will not crash your game when you start running it.



SHA256: 273c800952ad8e925c1c532f32e0ae2ea7ad0ff1a70bf0df0d655688c647cc7b
Detection ratio: 0 / 49
Analysis date: 2014-03-05 07:10:07 UTC

Looking for a Tap Paradise Cove Hack?  If its for a coins,  rubies/gem or pearl hack or even for energy cheat tool, then you are in the right place.  That latest mod file for Tap Paradise Cove is now available to download for free.  We also provide you with a virustotal scan, to ensure that you are not attacked my unwanted viruses or spywares or worst, the dreaded ransom wares.

Now lets take a quick look at this game.  Sorry to say to the makers of it but its probably one of the most highly monetized game ever.  If not, it could be ranking 1 in my list.  Why? Well, you practically have to shell out some cash just to proceed to something else.  Even the little things requires you to buy.  It’s so greedy of the developers to do that and that is why this mod will really help you avoid all the unnecessary spending.  I mean, its ok to spend on items in-game but its another thing if it goes too much and beyond the ordinary.  This game is probably one of them.

There are other hack tools out there that requires you to use sort of a cheatengine.  I am using that as an example since it is one of those first tools and you are probably familiar with it.  For the iOS it is another database editor like the sqlite.  Again, we will not use that since we don’t want to bother you about looking for the files to change and what not.  Basically, we did the hard part for you since not everyone is good in programming and debugging.

Of course you will be needing a app to upload our file to your unit.  You can either use iFunbox or iFile for the file transfer so here is what you do:

1. Download ifunbox or ifile if you don’t have it.

2. Download the mod file that we provided above

3. Unzip it and transfer to the correct folder to var/mobile/Applications/Paradise Cove/paradisecove.app/ if you have a jailbreak unit or to var/mobile/Applications/Paradise Cove/Library/ if it not jailbroken.

Take not that there will be 2 folders in the file we provided.  Be sure to copy the correct file.

4.  You’ll will in most cases be asked to overwrite a file.  Just overwrite it since we will be replacing default files with our hack version.

5.  That’s it.  Time to reboot your unit and start the hacking.

No login of username or password is required to run the mod file.  Be careful with those that require that because you will be sharing your personal information and it will be your account that will be hacked instead of you enjoying the game so be extra careful.

The cool thing about this iphone cheats is it does not require that your device undergo jailbreak procedures.  Because we know that many of you are worried about warranty and the like.  So yes, We have a tool for those who have already jailbreak ‘en their iphones and for those who did not jailbreak it.

The tool also works for any iOS devices such us ipod, ipads and of course, iphones.  Your account is totally safe with the tool, but just like any other things, too much of something will cause a red flag.  So we advice, that although you have the unlimited powers to totally exploit and cheat the game, do not over do it because eventually, your account will be traced and you will be banned.  So just hack it as you like but don’t do extremes.

This is the easiest and quickest to level fast! So whether it is an iPad, iPod,  iPhone and iOS hack, jailbreak or without jailbreak, using ifile, ifunbox or cydia,  this is your tool.

Key Features of the Tool for better Gaming Experience

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited Rubies or Gems
  • Unlimited Pearls
  • All Merchants hacked
  • Unlimited Energy
  • NO Jailbreak required
  • also available for jailbreak iOS devices

Again, a word of caution, don’t have too much or else your account could get banned.

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