The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack v4.5.2 Update

simpsons tapped out cheats v452

I think everyone was really happy with the previous update particularly the Ghost Halloween update which kept everyone company during the Holiday Season.  Well, that is now over and yes, Simpsons has kept us busy again with this new update and some to new content to explore.  This is version 4.5.2 where 2 new characters have been added along with their buildings and decorations that you can add to your place.  Of course this is not complete with out some new quest, so yup! New quests have also been added to keep you busy and probably the makers have already something big for the upcoming Christmas Holidays.  So until then, here is something for Level 37 to get busy with.  Quick recap!

What’s New in Simpsons Tapped Out Version 4.5.2

  • Ready for Kirk and Luann for some crazy parental malfunctions as the game brings you Milhouse on Level 37
  • New buildings added for more exciting content.  This includes The Bachelor Arms and Office of Unemployment
  • Of course the new Characters Kirk and Luann Van Houtens
  • Cool decorations for your taste – Fleet-A-Pita, Southern Cracker Fountain and many more cool addons
  • New Quest to complete such as reliving your parents divorse

Get the cheat tool at our last post.

Again, our favorite unlimited Donuts and Money continues as we progress further into the game and as new contents have been added. This two options and cheats will keep you sure to have the most of your gaming experience.  And by the way, I am receiving some emails about the file that they downloaded.  First of all, please, the file you downloaded is a zip file.  Meaning it is compressed and you need to unzip it to see the actual file and the guide how to install it.  You simply copy that file to your iphone and overwrite the existing file and restart the game.  It is really quite simple so I hope you do get it.  And there is a guide.txt I included inside the zip folder for more specific details how to do it.

NOTE: Versions 4.5.3 install is now available here.